About Mcafeepunks on Solana

💠 McAfee Punks is a one-of-a-kind NFT collection and a tribute to pioneer software mogul, John Mcafee - an advocate to the true and free internet and the worlds' first “Crypto Cowboy”.

💠 7,277 total supply (will cap once we close the mint)
💠 90+ unique attributes (2+ million possible combinations)
💠 Mint Price: 0.25◎
💠 Unique artwork with a plan to deliver real utility

Our Mission

💠 We love Solana but hate seeing it polluted by so many dead projects! We want to do our part to clean up the SOL ecosystem by removing undesired (e.g. rugged or dead projects) while also giving something back to Mcafeepunks holders

Let's open an NFT Pawn Shop!

💠Our aim is to create a P2P Marketplace where Mcafeepunk holders will be able to trade undesired NFT's they no longer need for our very own utility token ($SALTS).

💠 $SALTS will be used to redeem NFT's listed in the Pawn Shop!

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Mint has been closed!


  • Mcafeepunks Launch

    💠 Launch the mint to the public after successful whitelist presale event. Listing on secondary marketplace Magic Eden to follow, once the mint is finished.

    💠 OG holders will receive a 1for1 Mcafeepunk NFT airdrop and the Mcafeepunks DAO will be officially formed. SECURE verification tool will be deployed to safeguard access to the DAO (NOT Grape)

  • $SALTS Utility Token

    💠 Launch of our $SALTS utility token. $SALTS will be redeemable for NFTs listed on the NFT Pawn Shop.

    💠 Total Supply = 500,000,000
    💠 Team - 10%
    💠 Marketing Admin Dev - 20%
    💠 Airdrop Mcafee / Cope Holders - 20%
    💠 Liquidity Pools - 25%
    💠 Staking Rewards - 25%

  • Mcafee Graveyard

    💠 The Mcafee Graveyard will be created allowing holders of Mcafeepunks NFTs to convert undesired NFTs from other projects (e.g. dead or rugged projects) into $SALTS

  • NFT Pawn Shop

    💠 After successful development, launch the NFT Pawn Shop. This will be a P2P Marketplace which will have the option to use $SALTS to purchase NFTs.

    💠 Users will be able to list their own NFT's on the Marketplace and have the option to trade for SOL or $SALTS

  • NFT Staking Protocol

    💠 Develop and release NFT staking for members who will receive $SALTS for Mcafeepunks staked.

  • Growth & Community building ramp up

    💠 Once we have delivered our marketplace, utility token and graveyard we will increase focus on community expansion and awareness.

    💠 With a great product and utility token behind the project, Mcafeepunks will become highly sought after in the secondary marketplace!


Now listed on Moonrank!

💠 We have added our collection to - the #1 statistical rarity app for Solana NFT's!
💠 CLICK HERE to check out rankings

💠 You can check individual item rarity using the below chart 👀


The Team